House Of The Dragon Confirms What Daemon’s Entire Story Is Really About


A pivotal scene in House of the Dragon season 2 confirms what Daemon’s narrative is all about. Played outstandingly by Matt Smith in the House of the Dragon cast, Daemon Targaryen has become one of the show’s most fascinating figures, perfectly embodying the most compelling aspects of the gritty fantasy universe. George R.R. Martin’s book world is iconic for its morally ambiguous characters, subverting traditional fantasy archetypes. Martin himself has even shared in an interview that Daemon, the Rogue Prince, is his favorite Targaryen character.

Daemon Targaryen isn’t a hero or an antihero, but he’s made irresistible through his occasional good deeds and the perspective of the Dance of the Dragons. With the Blacks and the Greens split, many audiences have leaned toward supporting Rhaenyra’s cause, forcing them to tolerate Daemon’s actions. After all, he is Rhaenyra’s best asset, and his unpredictability and rebellious nature can be quite appealing. One blow-up scene between the husband and wife duo in season 2, episode 2, provided some necessary insight into Daemon’s character and what his arc is all about.

Daemon’s House Of The Dragon Story Is Really About Viserys

Everything Daemon Does Is Tied To His Feelings For His Brother

Almost every decision Daemon has made in House of the Dragon is tied to his feelings toward the late King Viserys. Being a second son in Westeros comes with its natural pitfalls, as while the firstborn is set to inherit lands and holdings, the second is left with a far less significant purpose. In many ways, this created an inferiority complex for Daemon, causing him to feel left out and, in turn, begin acting out. During Viserys Targaryen’s reign, Daemon continued this behavior, especially when Rhaenyra was declared as the king’s heir, as Daemon felt even more slighted.


Daemon doesn’t know how to handle his emotions in a healthy way, so he becomes frustrated and acts out

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy for Daemon. It’s not simply that he wants to be king; it makes more sense that what he wants is to be like his brother and have the things his brother has (internally and externally). He admires Viserys, but it’s not in his nature to be calm and collected. Daemon doesn’t know how to handle his emotions in a healthy way, so he becomes frustrated and acts out. Rhaenyra strikes a cord when she points this dynamic out to him, suggesting that Viserys couldn’t trust him, setting up Daemon for his arc in season 2.

Daemon’s Story Being About Viserys Makes Him Far More Tragic

There Are Aspects Of Daemon To Sympathize With, But The Doesn’t Make Him Good

Daemon has done terrible things, undoubtedly. However, that doesn’t stop him from being a riveting character in the world of House of the Dragon, as there’s an aspect to him that audiences can resonate with. At his core, Daemon is a child who felt unloved and inferior growing up and who now deeply misses his brother. The most vital aspect of Daemon is understanding that, while there are foundational aspects of him to sympathize with, how he’s chosen to act in response is wrong. Daemon is a tragic character in House of the Dragon, but he’s still not a hero.