Here’S What Mauricio Umansky And Paul “Pk” Kemsley Were Up To During The Rhobh Girls Trip In Las Vegas


Watch what the husbands of Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards are talking about when they get together on the next RHOBH episode. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the girls’ trip to Las Vegas continued in Season 13, Episode 4, which aired on November 15. However, at the same lunch where Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley were candidly discussing their separate relationships, their husbands were conversing similarly over dinner in Los Angeles.

That much is revealed in the above sneak peek clip of next week’s RHOBH, set to air on Nov. 22. To hear what Mauricio Umansky and Paul “PK” Kemsley had to say when their wives were away, keep reading.

Paul “PK” Kemsley and Mauricio Umansky Discuss Their Marriages

As seen in the teaser, the morning after PK and Mauricio started dating, Dorit phones her husband and tells him about their hangout. “We had a lovely dinner because we hadn’t actually seen each other,” PK reflects on the event. He has been on a number of trips.”


Regarding what the two talked about, PK says they touched on a few of the issues Mauricio and Kyle had been having in their marriage. According to PK, “[Mauricio] mentioned he had a difficult year with Kyle. I stated, “We’ve had a difficult year as well.”

Then, as PK is saying to Mauricio, “There’s nobody who’s been married that don’t go through sh-t,” the preview cuts to the previous evening. It’s just not conceivable, really.”

Mauricio agrees, prompting PK to note, “But you’re quite soft like that. You don’t want to fight, ever.”

“I have no time to fight. I have no interest in fighting,” Mauricio replies. “As far as I’m concerned, my wife’s always right.”

“She can’t always be right, Mo,” PK says, to which Mauricio responds, “Well, she can if I don’t want to fight it.”

Mauricio and Kyle can be seen conversing similarly later in the RHOBH teaser. Mauricio provides less information, so Kyle queries, “Could you give me the girl version?”

In compliance, Mauricio says, “[PK] was good. He was simply briefly discussing things with me regarding his relationship with Dorit. They’ve simply found it difficult, you know?”

He doesn’t go into further detail, and the talk ends quickly. On Wednesday, Nov. 22, watch the entire RHOBH episode to find out what more is happening with the two couples.