General Hospital Spoilers: Will Delia Ryan Return to GH – Ava’s Mom Visits Port Charles?


General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that the program may have provided a hint on a potential return. Given that Ava Jerome’s (Maura West) mother is now a significant character in her daughter’s plot, could Delia Ryan (Ilene Kristen) rejoin General Hospital?

Another message from Mason Gatlin (Nathaniel Grey) was delivered by Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth) in the episode airing on July 17. It was intended to keep Ava in check.

Ryan’s Bar was mentioned by Mason, and Ava immediately recognized it as the location her mother worked.

Ava was unsure of how Mason made the connection since her bio mom gave her up for adoption, but Austin made it clear that Mason and others in this organization can play dirty.

Of course, longtime soap fans may recall that Delia started out on ABC’s Ryan’s Hope.

Ilene Kristen has also reprised her role as Delia multiple times on GH, so there’s a chance Delia might make another visit to Port Charles.

Perhaps Delia could grow concerned if someone has been at Ryan’s Bar asking too many questions about her connection to Ava.


It could lead to Delia coming back to Port Charles and making a bigger mess since she’s certainly the kind of character who’d add to the disaster!

Regardless, we know that the show likes to let characters from other soaps reprise their roles in many cases.

Delia Ryan could be next in line now that Mason’s threatening her and dragging her into Ava’s story as a result.

Unfortunately, Delia’s return is about the last thing Ava needs right now. You can bet Delia’s presence would complicate things for Ava, who might try and fail to get rid of her mom immediately.

Delia might be adamant about sticking around until she has some clarification, which could result in her learning some shocking facts and upsetting both Ava and Austin.

Do you want Delia Ryan to come back to Port Charles? Ilene Kristen might feature in some upcoming events.

Ava and Austin will face challenges regardless of what happens, according to General Hospital spoilers, so keep checking back for more information on the sad news and upcoming surprises.