General Hospital Predictions: This Week & Beyond – Curtis’ Prognosis Stuns – Spencer Targeted


General Hospital fans, your wait for exclusive insights is over! We’re breaking down the show’s latest promo video and delving into the surprises it holds for characters like Curtis Ashford, Portia, and more.

This article offers an in-depth analysis, making predictions based on official spoilers and potential storylines.

We explore possible futures for your favorite characters, shedding light on upcoming plot twists and turns.

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Hey there, General Hospital fans. It is Belynda from Soap Dirt, and I’ve got your General Hospital predictions coming up. I’ve got stuff for you on Curtis and Valentin, Portia, Spencer, Willow, Dex, and a dead body.

And that dead body, it looks like, is confirmed by official spoilers—all of these tied to official spoilers. But we’re just kind of extrapolating and talking about what could happen. I will be very clear, and I will tell you as we talk.

What’s a spoiler, and what we’re having a conversation about so we can be really transparent about what the official spoilers are because I don’t want to tell you ever that something’s a spoiler when it’s not. I promise you I won’t do that.

General Hospital Spoiler Alert: Curtis Ashford’s Possible Future

All right, digging into our first prediction is that Curtis Ashford survives — but he’s paralyzed at least for a while. There are reasons that we’re thinking this. So there’s not a lot of spoilers that’s for the week ahead.

But we are looking into, and I’m pulling them out now, spoilers for the week of July 24th. And while there are none that specifically mention Curtis Ashford, there are a couple.


Like we have one on July 25th where Portia Robinson tries to comfort someone. So, I wonder if she is comforting Curtis as he is waking up out of his post-op haze and everything. And has to deal with the reality that his future will never be the same.

The good thing about this GH storyline is if they temporarily had Curtis Ashford suffering from paralysis, it would give Donnell Turner excellent Emmy fodder.

Donnell is a great actor. He’s a great, nice guy in real life. And it would be super sweet to see that trophy in his hand. And this is the kind of storyline that could make that happen for him.

Potential Character Growth for Portia Robinson on GH

It would also give Portia the opportunity to take care of him and for their love to kind of get back on track. It would keep Stella Henry and Marshall around. And they’re always a lot of fun.

Also, he could have some sympathy from Sonny because Sonny’s been through this paralysis thing after being shot a few years ago.

And it would also give him some seriously poignant scenes with his newfound daughter, Trina. So, I think it’s going to have some kind of tragic outcome for him, but not death, and not permanently.