General Hospital Fake It Till You Make It: Does Esme Prince Have Amnesia?


GH fans haven’t forgotten who she really is!

Ever since Esme Prince named her baby Ace on General Hospital, fans have been wondering if she really doesn’t remember anything that happened before she washed up on the Haunted Star. After all, Ace is what Esme was calling her unborn baby before.

General Hospital Polling

So how did she come up with it now? On the other hand, she really did seem horrified to learn that Ryan was her father, and what she’d done for him. Is it an act or does she truly have amnesia? What over 2,000 viewers told us about that:

From the GH Start

A last place 18% have never believed her act. Not only does Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) not have amnesia now, but she never did. She’s been faking it from the start, acting the sweet little innocent…even when there was no one around to see it. Esme seems truly creeped out when she got that letter from Heather (Alley Mills). No one was monitoring her then. But she’s obviously a method actress…

General Hospital: For Realz, Esme Prince

But a more trusting 30% is totally on board. Esme really did forget who she used to be. And she has no interest in remembering, based on what she’s heard so far. This is either a new and improved Esme, or the one she always was…until Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) got his creepy hands on her. Maybe the girl we first met was basically a brain-washed victim, and this is the Esme Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) knew at school…and the one Ace deserves for a mother.


Esme Prince: Split the Difference

But half of the audience, 52%, has a different theory: Yes, Esme had amnesia when she first entered the hospital, and maybe even up until Ryan and Heather tried to take off with their little, demented family. But giving birth to a toddler with no epidural, merely Laura (Genie Francis) patting her on the back and cooing, “There, there. There, there,” was enough to shock Esme back into reality. Now she knows exactly who she used to be. But she is either embarrassed, manipulative, or both. Either way, the jig is up!