General Hospital: Chad Duell Spends Quality Time With Girlfriend Luana Lucci, Shares Pics


It’s been a cold and dreary winter in Los Angeles, but General Hospital star, Chad Duell and his lovely girlfriend, Luana Lucci, have found a way to beat the blues. Recently the couple had a wonderful time “beaching it up” and enjoying some much-needed warm weather in California. Duell shared a photo of the two of them on social media, giving fans a glimpse into their fun-filled day. Let’s have a look at it!

Enjoying Beachy Bliss!

The past few months have been a chilly and challenging time for residents in and around Los Angeles, California. The city has been hit by a prolonged period of cold temperatures, which has left many feeling the effects of the harsh weather conditions. According to the Los Angeles Times, the region is heading towards its longest cold snap in almost 20 years. Thanks to the brutal winter storms that have been pounding the area.


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Even General Hospital star Chad Duell and his girlfriend have been feeling the chill in Los Angeles. But fear not, as things have started to heat up for the actor and his gorgeous girlfriend, Luana Lucci. Duell recently shared a photo of the loved-up couple enjoying some well-deserved sunshine on the beach. Thanks to the arrival of some much-needed warm weather in California. It’s clear that even the cold weather can’t keep this duo down, and they’re making the most of the sun while it lasts.


General Hospital: Sneak Peek of Chad and Luana’s Baby Ultrasound

In case you haven’t heard, Chad and Luana have more than just the sunny weather to be thrilled about. In March, Duell revealed that he and Lucci are expecting their first child. Moreover, to make the announcement even more exciting, he shared a photo disclosing that a baby boy is coming soon! Since then, Duell and Lucci have been keeping their fans up-to-date with their baby’s latest updates. Lucci recently gave fans a sneak peek into her doctor’s appointment, showing off the baby’s ultrasound.

Lucci acknowledged that it was a high-risk pregnancy, causing a mix of excitement and anxiety. However, the couple is handling it with grace and positivity. As they eagerly wait for their baby’s arrival, the warm California weather offers them a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy their time together. There’s nothing better than basking in the sun and feeling the warmth on your skin while awaiting the grand entrance of your little one. Are you also waiting to see the first look of their little one? Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers, as we promise to update you first on all the latest news! Meanwhile, stay tuned to General Hospital for the latest story updates.