Garcelle Beauvais Celebrated Her Birthday In A Crown And Knee-High Denim Boots


As she celebrated her big day, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member embraced edgy glamour and said, “Age is just a number.” High glamour and Garcelle Beauvais go hand in hand, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills beauty never fails to impress when it comes to birthday celebrations.

Garcelle made sure to share the specifics of her attire with her followers for this year’s festivities. On November 27, she posted a gorgeous photo on Instagram that stopped us in our tracks.

Garcelle Beauvais’ birthday outfit

“Birthday Age is just a number, and agelessness means not buying into the idea that a number determines
everything from your state of health to your attractiveness to your value,” Garcelle triumphantly declared in the caption of her post where she modeled off her incredible look.

For the occasion, the actress and model channeled her chops by giving us a fierce look and cool stance, posing in an outfit that was sexy, edgy, and touched with a hint of dazzle. For her look, the California mom donned a black mini dress under an oversized black boxy-fit blazer that featured shredded denim detail on the sides. To match that detail, Garcelle paired her look with knee-high pointed-toe denim heeled boots, granting the style a certain swag.

Garcelle topped it all off with a glittering silver crown adorned with pastel pink, blue, and green diamonds that complemented her sleek, straight auburn hair flawlessly.


Many Bravolebrities noticed Garcelle’s attire, including Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Robyn Dixon of The Real Housewives of Potomac, and Alexia Nepola of The Real Housewives of Miami. All three of them left “Happy birthday, beautiful” messages in the comments area.

Additionally, Garcelle’s bestie, Sutton Stracke, also shared her praise while revealing that Garcelle actually celebrated her birthday twice. “Only you would get 2 birthdays!!!!!! Can’t wait to celebrate you. Happy birthday… again,” Sutton quipped, adding, “[L]ove you.”

Garcelle Beauvais’ childhood memories and photos

We were reminded of Season 13, Episode 5 of RHOBH, which aired on November 22, by Garcelle’s contemplation on her “Birthday Age” on Instagram. In that episode, Garcelle shared some details about her life when she was younger.

In the episode, Jaid, Garcelle’s son, talked to her about his romantic life and said he wished he had more “freedom” to spend with his girlfriend. Nonetheless, Garcelle believed her son was already lucky to be dating because she didn’t have the same advantages when she was in his position.

“I couldn’t even date at 15,” Garcelle told her son before he jokingly mentioned that her upbringing was different since she lived in Haiti.

As Garcelle was explaining her upbringing, childhood photos of the RHOBH ‘Wife started to appear onscreen — and we were obsessed.