Fans Still Can’t Forgive NCIS: Sydney For Ruining This Spinoff’s Future


It’s been weeks since NCIS: Hawai’i was brutally scrapped by CBS, leaving the fan-favorite show with a revolting big cliffhanger which the series’ lovers still can’t get over, though there’s another NCIS spinoff that doesn’t let its fans sleep tight at night.

Before NCIS: Hawai’i repeated its ugly fate, NCIS: Los Angeles was also unfairly abandoned by the network, yet the show lasted much longer and came to the definite end after 14 se asons.


As it turns out now, another major similarity between NCIS: Hawai’i and NCIS: Los Angeles is that fans believe the franchise’s other series to be guilty of both shows’ canceled future.

A few months ago, a Reddit user started a new thread posting their opinion on NCIS: Sydney, the most recent installment of the long-standing franchise, launched in 2023.

According to what they wrote in the comment, the show is nothing but a total disappointment as it doesn’t seem to come up with anything new that other shows haven’t featured before, also adding that this time even the lead characters are just annoying.

The user’s lament thus came as an extended version of the comment’s title, saying, “I can’t believe they canceled Los Angeles for this.”

Other NCIS fans were quick to engage in the discussion reflecting on NCIS: Los Angeles’ real cancellation reason that back in the day boiled down to mere budget cuts with most of the network’s money presumably being handed over to NCIS: Sydney.

Many expressed their agreement stating that the overall idea was just a waste of time and the show itself didn’t even come close to what it all looked like in Australia, while some also pointed out to NCIS: Sydney being the one to blame for NCIS: Hawai’i cancellation, something that seems to have hurt its fans like nothing else.

Despite all the outrage from NCIS fans and its relatively average ratings, NCIS: Sydney appears to be doing just fine, as the spinoff got a renewal after its first season was dropped last year. The show’s second installment is set to arrive at CBS this fall.