Erika Jayne Opens Up On Her Complicated Relationship With Her Mom


On Season 13, Episode 5, the mother of one of the RHOBH cast members, Renee, paid her a visit. During the November 22 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 13, Episode 5, Erika Jayne opened up more than ever about her relationship with her mother.

The Bet It All on Blonde actress talked about their highs and lows during her mother’s visit. Despite her initial joking that she intended to stay at Erika’s house “for a couple of years,” she only stayed for a few days.

To see what Erika revealed about their bond and get details on her mother’s visit, keep reading.

Erika Jayne’s Childhood with Her Mother

In a candid interview, Erika provided some background on their relationship following the arrival of her mother, Renee. “In terms of age, my mother and I are really close. Erika recalled that growing up, she frequently felt more like a sibling than a parent. “She and I had a great f-cking time. I would sneak off and join her and her buddies on night out. I would sip something. I was living like I was fifteen or fourteen and not twenty.”
But while Erika may have been having fun with her mom, the nature of their relationship came to change over the years.

Erika Jayne’s Current Relationship with Her Mom

Continuing to discuss the dynamic between her and her mom, Erika said in a confessional, “My mother and I have had our good times and our bad times. And yes, there have been times that I didn’t want to talk to my mom. She visits me in LA about once a year for a couple days and then we start getting on each other’s nerves.”


That much soon became clear when Erika and Renee found themselves arguing over the dishes. Erika’s mom noted that she didn’t do them because she expected a housekeeper to, but Erika explained that she can only have said housekeeper come “once a week.”

She went on, “That’s all I can afford.” “This ain’t no five days a week sh-t no more.”

Erika revealed in a confessional during that talk that she and her mother are only compatible for roughly twenty-four hours before becoming petty. She will now claim that I don’t irritate her, but I know that I do. And I’m a woman enough to admit that I find her irritating.” She was talking to her mother again when they got to talking about the past. More precisely, they started talking about a period of their relationship when things weren’t the best, but Renee continued to go to one of Erika’s Broadway productions.

Though Erika said she thought Renee’s arrival was “somewhat of an ambush,” she’s still happy she was able to watch the performance.

From there, the mother-daughter conversation proceeded, and Erika closed the meeting by saying, “I love seeing my mom.” I’m appreciative of her support as well as the fact that I’m dropping her off in the Valley before she leaves. Renee, I’ll see you at Christmas. I’ve hit my limit.”