Erika Embarrasses Sutton In Front Of Magic Mike Dancer, & Kyle Opens Up About Growing Apart From Mauricio, Plus Kyle Accuses Sutton Of Being Rude As She Confronts Her For Behavior


This is the never-ending Vegas girls’ trip and the never-ending birthday celebration for Crystal. In this episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika confronts Sutton about her actions, while Kyle provides additional details regarding her marital problems. For this group, a “chance” elevator meeting and a game provided by Garcelle upend everything.

Everyone is attempting to put the iconic Magic Mike show behind them the morning after. When Dorit calls “Bubbalish,” also known as PK (woof), she expresses her embarrassment over Sutton’s actions the previous evening. Telling Dorit that he had dinner with Mauricio, PK adds that the two men talked about their spouses (as we know they are both having marital problems this season).

Kyle calls Mauricio and pulls the details from his PK dinner out of him. Mo shares that PK is having a rough patch with Dorit as if to show Kyle everyone is going through it. They exchange love yous, but their surface phone call and abrupt ending seem to say otherwise.

Erika and Crystal, the duo we never thought would grace our screens together, sit down for a lunch. They discuss Sutton’s meltdown, and Crystal believes that Sutton would have had more fun if she had been called up first to the stage. Erika promises that nothing is going to disturb her peace because, ya know, she gave up fighting for Lent… for now.

Erika talks about her old lifestyle and how she misses certain parts of it, minus the pressure and arguments between her and Tom. Erika claims that nothing was “harmonious,” and they began resenting each other. She promises that she will never go back to her old life.

Sutton and Garcelle go for a romantic gondola ride around the hotel. Garcelle explains that after the conversation about her family with the group, she doesn’t plan on opening up to them anymore any time soon. Dorit and Kyle were not very welcoming to Garcelle’s feelings, and so she is upset. The ladies are trying to hold a serious conversation, but the gondola driver is busy debuting his vocals as if he were trying out for a Broadway musical. So much for the heart-to-heart.

Dorit is feeling “wow” when Kyle and Garcelle chat about their conversation. Friends, it is an exact quote. As they change topics, Dorit tries to snoop on Kyle’s private affairs. Dorit believes Kyle’s sobriety is an attempt at self-preservation and self-control. Kyle deduces that she needs to be really clear in her thinking, and that’s why giving up alcohol has helped her. Despite what some may believe to be a simple midlife crisis, this is who she is today.

Dorit pushes Kyle harder about her marriage this past year. Kyle says that she expected more of Mauricio, and she didn’t want to go to all the parties Mauricio needed to attend for work purposes. Especially because she doesn’t drink anymore, Kyle is finding it harder to connect with him.

“I think a lot of it has to do with us having a harder year, I expected more from him for what I was going through,” shared Kyle. “You know how he loves to go drink, and there’s a lot of business events where I’m supposed to go and be the wife and be supportive, and sometimes it’s like, I don’t wanna go to these parties.”

Kyle gets teary-eyed about her relationship because they seem to be growing in different directions. Kyle wants to do the things she wants to do, and she is feeling very distant from him.

“I think with the way my relationship is right now, I’m not happy,” Kyle opened up. “I’m sort of now working on myself inside, and I feel like he’s very focused on his work, so I feel like, in that aspect, we’re kind of like you know, growing in different directions.”

Later in the evening, the ladies prep for a honky tonk bar and bull ride. We learn that Oliver, Garcelle’s son, met up with Garcelle and Sutton. Garcelle takes a moment to talk about the Oliver smooching Raquel incident a la VPR. Oliver claims that he was separated, and she states that he got a lot of backlash over the kiss.

Kyle is rocking a $6,000 cowboy hat with real diamonds on it for the event, and the ladies all look like they are dressed for Halloween in their cowboy gear. Garcelle asks Kyle point blank how long sober she is going to go on for, and Kyle claims she is fun no matter what, but I don’t see any splits (thank God).

Over dinner, Garcelle comes bearing a game, and the first card Crystal pulls: “Is monogamy natural for humans?” The camera pans over to Kyle, and the women weigh in on this topic. Kyle states that it’s more of an individual thing, and Garcelle comes in hot with the tough questions. She asks the married women at the table how they would handle infidelity, and she shares how she learned her husband was with another woman for five years! Garcelle, the bada*s that she is, sent a mass email out to her husband’s friends outing his affair. This is hardcore compared to Kyle dancing around the subject, skirting the infidelity subject like she has done season after season.


It’s difficult taking Erika seriously in her cowboy hat as she talks about her anxiety around money… and yet, here she is, glam squad in tow. She states that she is “not doing sh*t” except rebuilding her life, but she understands that being out there solo is overwhelming and difficult. Erika claims that after being on the defensive, she is now able to share her true feelings and become who she really is, versus what people were saying about it.

Post dinner, the ladies head to a honky tonk bar, and Garcelle reminds us that they are no longer in Beverly Hills. The bull riding is making Sutton especially nervous because she doesn’t want people’s implants flying all over. Kyle is the first to jump on the bull, and Sutton follows suit, but she is stressing. After 14 seconds, Sutton hops off the bull, and we can only surmise why she doesn’t get a second date…

The next morning, the crew is packed up and ready to head back to Beverly Hills. Miraculously, the elevator doors open only to reveal one of the Magic Mike dancers, who also happens to be Erika’s friend. Erika takes this opportunity to embarrass Sutton. “This is your chance to apologize to my friend when you said their show was sh*tty.” Sutton is mortified because Erika put words in her mouth in front of the dancer. Erika feels like she can confront Sutton, despite her Lenten promise. Interesting…

Sutton approaches Erika in the Sprinter van, where all Housewives work at their best. Erika tells Sutton that she made a huge issue out of it, even though Sutton claims it didn’t affect anyone else by not wanting to stay at the Magic Mike show. Sutton questions why she isn’t able to simply lounge in the lobby, but Kyle says she appeared insane. Sutton becomes emotional when discussing how terrible she feels about spoiling the evening because she is used to being cornered by the group. After considerable discussion, Erika finally says she is alright and Sutton says she does not want to apologize for the incident again.

It’s an awkward ride home to BH, but the ladies get right back into the swing of their daily lives. Sutton pours herself a cocktail at 1:00, whereas Kyle and Erika work out — all is well in the world over there. Garcelle meets up with Erika, and they discuss Dorit. Garcelle can’t quite figure out how to speak to Dorit, and Garcelle finds an issue with Dorit’s defensiveness over the conversation she had about her family.

When it comes to the Magic Mike debacle, Erika discusses Sutton’s stack of singles pre-show, but then there was a flip. She felt as though Sutton “hijacked the moment” and Garcelle is wondering if she should let Sutton fight her own battles in the future.

Kyle heads over to Sutton’s house to chat and debrief about the Vegas trip. Sutton feels like Erika intentionally embarrassed her, and she does a hilarious impression of Erika. Sutton realizes that after Vegas, Kyle is not her true friend and never had her back. Sutton knows that Kyle is defending her friend, but Kyle claims she just sees another perspective. Sutton demands that Kyle name all the times she loses her sh*t in ridiculous circumstances like Kyle says, and after repeating herself over and over, Kyle calls Sutton rude. Kyle begins rattling off all the times Sutton lost it (ugly leather pants, Lake Tahoe and the skin roller, and the Magic Mike show, to name a few instances), and she proves that Sutton does not seem okay. So let’s just keep pushing Sutton until she really breaks, shall we?