Emily Wickersham: Net Worth, Age, Height & Everything You Need To Know About The NCIS Actress


Emily Wickersham may only have a few notable roles to her name, but the NCIS star has parlayed those performances into an impressive net worth for a relatively young star. Best known for her performance on NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans as Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop, Wickersham’s performance as the Oklahoma country girl with a gift for data analytics has been so appreciated by viewers that some fans have even called for an NCIS spin-off starring her. Wickersham was on the show from 2013 to 2021, leaving little time for much else.

However, she did squeeze in some notable performances before her breakout on NCIS. Wickersham began her career in 2006 in small roles on Parco P.I. and Late Show with David Letterman before appearing as Rhiannon Flammer in a four-episode arc on The Sopranos; she begins dating A.J. after they meet at a psychiatric hospital. Her film credits include I am Number 4 as Nicole and Gone as Molly Conway. Wickersham married musician Blake Hanley in 2010 and the couple divorced in 2018, via cbs12. She had a son, Cassius, in 2021 with her partner James Badge Dale, via Instagram.

Emily Wickersham’s Net Worth

Wickersham Has A Net Worth Of $6 million

Emily Wickersham has a net worth of $6 million, via CelebrityNetWorth. It’s unclear exactly how much money she made per episode, but by the time her character departed NCIS after season 18, she had appeared in 173 episodes, plus another additional episode in NCIS: New Orleans. According to Tuko, Wickersham was making $100,000/episode by the end of her tenure. That’s a reasonable amount of money compared to some others in the series.

Even if, on average, Wickersham only earned $50,000/episode, she would still have made $8,650,000 before taxes, which would help to explain her net worth. In 2020, Wickersham bought a $20 million 1930s Spanish-style villa in Los Feliz, via Yahoo, so she does appear to have a significant amount of disposable income.

Emily Wickersham’s Age & Height

Wickersham Is A Taurus

Emily Wickersham was born on April 26, 1984, making her 40 in the summer of 2024. Her height, as listed by IMDb, is 5′ 6 1/2″, but CelebHeights says 5′ 5″ and Yahoo says 5′ 7″. All sources being given equal weight, Wickersham is probably somewhere around 5′ 6 1/4″. Her zodiac sign is Taurus, an earth sign in the form of a bull. Taurus signs enjoy the finer things in life. They would spend their days lounging in bathtubs if they also didn’t value hard work and ambition so much. Taurus signs also prioritize consistency.


With a Spanish-style villa, it’s clear Wickersham does enjoy a bit of comfort and beauty in her life, but she’s also been hard at work in her career.

With a Spanish-style villa, it’s clear Wickersham does enjoy a bit of comfort and beauty in her life, but she’s also been hard at work in her career. Furthermore, in true Taurus fashion, she remained steadfastly loyal to NCIS, preferring to stay consistent with the show and not make any attempts to break out into anything risky, that is until her son was born around the same time as her exit from the series.

Emily Wickersham Dropped Out Of College

Wickersham Studied Painting Before Deciding To Pursue Acting

Wickersham dropped out of Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA after two years of study, via NickiSwift. She decided to study painting but left after realizing her true passion was acting. Wickersham said in an interview with CBS, via NickiSwift,

“After high school, I majored in painting for two years at Muhlenberg College—my mother is a painter, my father does art, too, and my brother is a photographer, so there are lots of artists in my family—but it didn’t feel quite right, so I dropped out and moved to New York City.”

That would have been around 2004 that she left secondary education, meaning it only took her two years to start landing roles in notable productions. NCIS fans can be glad Emily Wickersham decided to take that leap in the first place, giving the world years of Ellie Bishop, with more roles presumably to come.