Donnie Wahlberg’s Blue Bloods Farewell Makes Me More Upset The Show’s Ending With Season 14


I have been heartbroken since learning that Blue Bloods is ending with season 14, but Donnie Wahlberg’s recent farewell message has got me even more upset. The Tom Selleck-led police family drama has been a staple in my house on Friday nights for years, as it has been for the millions of people who watch weekly. It is cold comfort to know it is going out on a high note, while people are still enjoying it, especially because it still has so much life left.

Blue Bloods’ enduring popularity came from its unique blend of family and police drama. While other shows focused only on solving the crime of the week, this series followed the stories of several members of a family of cops, and I believe that’s why there was such a massive fan campaign when Blue Bloods was canceled ahead of season 14. Unfortunately, it seemed nothing would move the needle with CBS, and now there are only a few episodes of Blue Bloods season 14 left, which is doubly heartbreaking considering the movement to save it.

Donnie Wahlberg’s Blue Bloods Goodbye Post Is A Reminder Of The Cast’s Love For The Show

It’s As Devastating For The Cast And Crew As It Is For The Audience

Donnie Wahlberg’s update on Blue Bloods’ last day of filming hit me hard, but it was also a testimony to the love the cast and crew had for the series and the reasons they had come back year after year. Wahlberg, along with Tom Selleck, was at the front of the line of people who wanted Blue Bloods to continue, and most of the cast and crew were as upset as I am that the show is ending. It seems doubly unfair that a show so loved by the cast and crew is coming to a premature end.

Wahlberg was far from the only cast member to share a heartfelt goodbye, but it hurt more coming from him because he has been so passionate about fighting for Blue Bloods to continue. His message was beautiful, and I was especially touched that he thanked not only the fans and the crew, but the real NYPD. Blue Bloods has always tried to show the NYPD in as realistic and positive a light as possible, which gave it a unique point of view, and Wahlberg’s comment made it clear that that’s something else that will soon be missing from television.

Wahlberg Saying Goodbye To Blue Bloods Makes It Hit Home The Show Really Is Ending

Even Its Most Determined Cast Member Has To Say So Long

I’ve covered enough shows to know how this industry works, so I realized there was little to no chance Blue Bloods would get a reprieve. Still, as long as the cast was still fighting for it, there was some hope, especially when Wahlberg and Selleck were vocal about not believing that these last eight episodes were truly the end. Wahlberg’s heartfelt Instagram update changed that. It’s impossible to keep fantasizing that Blue Bloods will be saved when the lead actors are acknowledging that they’ve wrapped their final dayon set.


Wahlberg’s comments are like a punch to the gut for viewers like me who have fallen so deeply in love with this show that realizing it’s almost over is like learning a beloved friend is on their deathbed.

Wahlberg’s comments are like a punch to the gut for viewers like me who have fallen so deeply in love with this show that realizing it’s almost over is like learning a beloved friend is on their deathbed. I’ve had an intimate relationship with Blue Bloods because I’ve covered it for most of my career, and I wanted to hold out hope that Blue Bloods could be renewed for season 15 for as long as possible. Sadly, the day when that is no longer an option has now arrived, which is devastating.

Why Blue Bloods Is Ending With Season 14 & What’s Happening Next

Paramount Has Hinted At A Spinoff, But That Won’t Appease Heartbroken Fans

Blue Bloods’ cancelation comes down to money, which is infuriating to me. Blue Bloods is one of CBS’ most popular shows, so canceling it demonstrates that audience opinion has little to no say in how renewal decisions are made. I understand that it is a business decision and that Blue Bloods is an expensive series to produce, but it still feels insulting to fans when lower-rated shows are renewed and popular ones like this one are canceled regardless of massive fan protests.

I have mixed feelings about the suggestion that a Blue Bloods spinoff is in the works. A spinoff doesn’t change the fact that Blue Bloods was canceled prematurely and is unlikely to be as satisfying as a renewal of the original show. However, a new series that continues the Blue Bloods family dinner tradition would at least keep the idea of a loving family of cops alive and might be worth watching.

It’s going to be hard to face a TV landscape that doesn’t include Blue Bloods after December, and a spinoff gives me something to look forward to. However, I will always miss this show and wish that CBS didn’t cancel it. Donnie Wahlberg’s beautiful tribute demonstrates how special the series was even though it shatters all hope that CBS will change its mind about cancelation.