Doctor Who Reveals Returning Monster And Susan Twist Role In New Episode


Doctor Who’s upcoming episode ‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ will feature a returning monster and the most intriguing guest role yet for Susan Twist.

‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ is set to premiere on Saturday, June 15 — first at midnight on streaming service the BBC iPlayer (and Disney+UK outside the UK) and then on BBC One at 6.30pm.

The episode will revolve around The Doctor returning to earth to investigate companion Ruby Sunday’s past, with help from his friends at UNIT (including Bonnie Langford returning as Melanie Bush and Jemma Redgrave back as Kate Stewart).

Here’s the official synopsis: “The Doctor and UNIT investigate Ruby’s past. But as the Time Window reveals horrifying secrets from Christmas Eve, the mysterious Triad Technology unleash the greatest evil of all.”

Recurring guest star Susan Twist will be back as well, though this time she’s in a larger guest role as a character called Susan Triad.

Eagle-eyed fans have expected this particular character to pop up after a poster for her was seen in the background of the BBC’s recent documentary Russell T Davies: The Doctor and Me.

The prevailing theory among some fans has been that Susan Triad or Triad Technology has some connection to a TARDIS – since ‘S Triad’ is an anagram for the time ship. We’ll have to wait to see if fans are correct…


Susan Twist as Penny Pepperbean in ’Dot and Bubble’

Twist has been making cameo appearances in Doctor Who since last year’s 60th anniversary special, popping up everywhere from the Swinging ’60s on earth to the battlefields of Kastarion 3.

On top of the Susan Twist mystery, ‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ will also have the return of the alien creature known as The Vlinx.

This cyborg was last seen in ‘The Giggle’, where it developed the Zeedex device that helped humanity resist the hypnotic call of The Toymaker.
Also featuring in ‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ will be recurring guest stars Anita Dobson as Ruby’s neighbour Mrs Flood and Michelle Greenidge as Ruby’s adoptive mother Carla Sunday as well as Yasmin Finney returning as Rose Noble.

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has penned the episode as part of what he calls a “devastating” two-part finale alongside ‘Empire of Death’. The two stories are set to be shown in cinemas this summer.