Doctor Who Drops 2 Important Mrs. Flood Clues In Season 14’S Penultimate Episode


Doctor Who season 14, episode 7, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday,” is brimming with lore revelations and Susan-related twists, and while Mrs. Flood’s identity isn’t among the resolved mysteries, two significant clues are dropped. Despite running for only eight episodes, Russell T Davies has tested the relative dimensions of Doctor Who season 14’s narrative by cramming a vast number of mysteries into Ncuti Gatwa’s debut run. These include Ruby Sunday’s parents, the One Who Waits, Mrs. Flood, the groaning TARDIS, the falling snow, Susan Twist’s cameos, Meep’s boss, who picked up the Master’s tooth, and how the Fifteenth Doctor makes every single outfit look so good.

A number of those mysteries get answered in Doctor Who season 14’s “The Legend of Ruby Sunday.” The One Who Waits is revealed to be Fourth Doctor villain Sutekh, and Susan Twist’s character has been his avatar throughout the Doctor’s timeline. The weird TARDIS noise, meanwhile, was caused by Sutekh hitching a ride. Mrs. Flood remains an enigma at present, but Doctor Who season 14’s penultimate episode does provide the audience with two sizable breadcrumbs that peel back more layers of her enigmatic character.

Doctor Who Season 14, Episode 7 Hints Mrs. Flood Is A Villain

No One Talks To Our Cherry Like That!

One of the biggest questions hanging over Mrs. Flood’s existence is whether she’s a force for good or a dastardly galactic blight in blush pink. Doctor Who season 14, episode 7 leans toward the latter when Flood is asked to look after Cherry Sunday while Ruby and Carla visit UNIT headquarters. The look upon Mrs. Flood’s face as she denies Cherry a simple cup of tea is one of cruelty and malice, as if she’s enjoying the act of depriving an elderly woman and offended by even being asked to fetch drinks.
The change in Anita Dobson’s performance – both her facial expressions and tone of voice – is a stark U-turn from Mrs. Flood’s usual sweet demeanor. Her sing-song delivery of “we’d all like a lot of things that aren’t going to happen” is emotionless, unforgiving, and deliberately creepy – and that’s before she threateningly warns Cherry to “be very careful.” If Mrs. Flood isn’t a villain, Doctor Who is certainly misdirecting its audience into perceiving her as one, depicting Ruby’s neighbor in an undeniably unsettling light during episode 7.

Doctor Who Confirms Mrs. Flood Knows Who Sutekh Is

Mrs. Flood Knows Things Even The Doctor Doesn’t

Another crucial Mrs. Flood detail confirmed by Doctor Who season 14’s second-to-last episode is that Ruby’s neighbor is aware of the One Who Waits, as she breaks the fourth wall to tell viewers, “He waits no more.” For Mrs. Flood to know both who the One Who Waits is and that his return is imminent, she must also know the villain’s real identity is Sutekh, putting her in possession of some very privileged information that precious few figures in Doctor Who’s universe are aware of.


Maestro previously confirmed Ruby’s origins are connected to the One Who Waits, so whatever Ruby is, Sutekh may have tasked Mrs. Flood with watching over her.

Recognizing a TARDIS is one thing, but knowing the truth behind one of the universe’s most mysterious beings puts Mrs. Flood on an entirely different level, confirming her as an entity of huge cosmic significance. Flood’s deep knowledge of universal secrets might also explain how she can communicate directly with Doctor Who’s audience through the fourth wall.

Sutekh has placed heralds or harbingers on Earth to preempt his return – characters like Susan Triad and UNIT’s Harriet. Mrs. Flood could be another of these Sutekh followers awaiting their master’s glorious comeback. She might even be a less senior member of Doctor Who’s pantheon, since Sutekh is apparently the top dog of that divine pyramid. Mrs. Flood being one of Sutekh’s minions would at least provide a satisfying explanation for why she lives next door to Ruby Sunday. Maestro previously confirmed Ruby’s origins are connected to the One Who Waits, so whatever Ruby is, Sutekh may have tasked Mrs. Flood with watching over her.

Why Mrs. Flood Could Be A Force For Good In Doctor Who

Doctor Who’s Mrs. Flood Hasn’t Picked A Side Just Yet

Mrs. Flood might not be destined for a career in elderly care, but she is yet to commit any explicitly evil acts in Doctor Who season 14, meaning there is hope for Anita Dobson’s character yet. Rather than a follower of Sutekh, Mrs. Flood’s true purpose may be fighting against Doctor Who’s God of Death, and instead of spying on Ruby, she has been standing guard to ensure Sutekh couldn’t hurt her.

By the law of averages, at least some of Doctor Who’s Pantheon gods must be good, and more still might take issue with Sutekh destroying the universe. Mrs. Flood could be one of these benevolent deities: a god of life, children, stories, or even the God of Time. She may not be delighted about being asked to make a cup of tea, but perhaps Flood is willing to help the Doctor save time and space if they share an enemy.