Could It Be? Could We See Mark Harmon Back In Action On ‘NCIS’?


At the height of NCIS, fans could tune in every week and see Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his team solving cases. For 19 seasons, we could trust that Gibbs would be there until he went on a case to Alaska, never to return to the flagship series.

Now, fans want to know if Harmon is coming back to NCIS, and the answer is … sort of! Mark Harmon, his son Sean Harmon, and NCIS writers-producers Gina Lucita Monreal and David. North are working on a series titled NCIS: Origins! In an exclusive with Deadline, the team talked about the excitement of bringing a new story to life for Gibbs.

Sean Harmon, who played a younger Gibbs, is one of the reasons behind the series, which will be narrated by Mark Harmon and will focus on Gibbs in 1991, before the flagship show takes place, showing him rising in the ranks. Sean Harmon helped to come up with the idea for the show and will executive produce, and the narration will bring Mark Harmon back to the franchise.


“The character of Gibbs has been an important part of my life for 20 years, both in watching my father craft the role and previously having the honor to play young Gibbs myself,” Sean Harmon said. “I always felt there was a tale worth telling about his earlier years, so I am thrilled to be stepping into a producing role alongside Gina, David and my dad as we tell this story and reveal a new side of this beloved character.”

Monreal and North said they are “thrilled to be bringing this new chapter to life along with Mark and Sean Harmon.” They went on to say that it is “the making of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. And even the most dedicated NCIS fans will discover that they don’t know the whole story.”

But does this mean no Mark Harmon on NCIS?

With the news that a new era of Gibbs’ story will be told, fans may still wonder if there is a chance Harmon could return to the flagship series. As of now, the news seems to be completely focused on Harmon narrating NCIS: Origins and that’s all.

“We are elated and honored to continue the expansion of the NCIS universe in such a unique and unexpected way,” said Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment. “Viewers can look forward to Mark Harmon returning to CBS to narrate the complex and mysterious backstory of Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ early years in NCIS: Origins, which will build on the rich legacy of this character while reintroducing fan-favorite characters and meeting new ones.”

Maybe Harmon returning to this world, albeit for a younger Gibbs’ story, doesn’t mean the door is closed forever. For now, we have NCIS: Origins to look forward too!