Bode’s Journey In Fire Country Season 3 Gets Optimistic Tease From Showrunner & Max Thieriot


Fire Country season 2 is officially over, and the finale changed Bode’s life forever. The first two seasons focused on Bode’s journey as a member of Cal Fire, as he served courageously from the inmate fire camp. He also tackled various challenges in his personal life, including the death of Cara and the realization that he is not Genevieve’s biological father. After earning an Extraordinary Conduct Credit, however, Bode was officially released from prison and is now free to become a full-time firefighter in Fire Country season 3.

After officially having been freed from prison, Bode will have many choices ahead of him. In an interview with Parade, Max Thieriot (Bode) and Tia Napolitano explained what that future might look like for Bode, and they also offered some insight into why they felt the need to secure an early release for Bode. With his freedom secured, Thieriot promises that he will be able to “open the world a little bit.” Check out their full quotes below:

Napolitano : We wanted Season 3 to have joy and relief and to have fun with Bode, and it seemed fresh to see him outside of prison in these new sets, hanging out with his friends, able to do things a normal 30-year-old could do. It felt really exciting and like the space that we wanted to play in.

Thieriot : You know, making that leap to try and join Cal Fire and what that looks like, and the hurdles and obstacles that are in his way. Those are a huge part of the show, and really something that makes it unique, so I’m looking forward to figuring out how to do that… I think it’s much easier for former inmates to work for Forest Service and join shot crews and stuff like that . So I think that it could be fun to open the world a l ittle bit, but obviously still have it be centered back at home.”


Fire Country Changed Bode’s Life Forever

Bode Is No Longer A Prisoner After Fire Country Season 2

Bode has spent the first two seasons of Fire Country behind bars, only truly leaving the prison to fight life-threatening fires. He first joined Cal Fire in the hopes of reducing his sentence, and his mission is now officially successful. The firefighting team helped him find a secure place of his own within their ranks, and it provided him with an early release. Still, if Bode is to remain with Cal Fire, he needs to continue to make sacrifices. More than that, he will actually need to find a way to join the team full-time.

Returning to Edgewater forced Bode to confront his past, helping him come to terms with himself. With his freedom secured, he will now be able to spend more time with his loved ones, which will mean more periods of growth and development. Unfortunately, his place in Cal Fire is questionable, as he will need to get through paperwork and put in endless amounts of effort to take his rightful place in their ranks after graduating the incarceration program. That negative critique is part of what has drawn criticism from the real Cal Fire as a “misrepresentation” of their team.

The reality of his freedom is not altogether difficult, however. While he will still likely need to wrestle with Cal Fire and the law, Bode can now spend time with his friends and family. Like Napolitano said, Bode can finally do everything that a “normal” man his age typically does. Large civilian group scenes can include Bode, meaning that he can forge stronger connections with those around him. He will also have the opportunity to spend more time with Genevieve, though he is well aware that she is not his biological daughter. Bode’s relationships will have more opportunities to develop in Fire Country season 3.