Blue Bloods Worst S13 Storylines According To Fans, Ranked


After the long-awaited Blue Bloods renewal for season 14, we all expected fans to cheer — but apparently, many of them find the majority of storylines completely unappealing at this point.

With all the love Blue Bloods receives from its audience, we didn’t expect to see just how many people are discontent with the show’s writing lately.

During the recent discussion on the biggest Blue Bloods subreddit, fans revealed they don’t like most storylines at all — and some of them even skip entire characters’ arcs.

The discussion began with Reddit user Silly_Monk1031 claiming that they only enjoyed Danny Reagan’s storylines and skipped everyone else’s.

They asked if they were the only one feeling that way, and a bunch of other fans tuned in to agree with them. They shared their opinions, too, and boy are they not happy with the writing.

According to the comment section, this is what the list of the worst Blue Bloods storylines looks like currently.

4. Erin and Anthony

Erin and Anthony are in the lead in this rating, though this is quite a questionable achievement. Fans unanimously agree that the only proper response to having this duo on the screen is tuning out.

Their entire “storyline” is arguing, fighting, then making back up again literally every episode, and the audience is tired of it.

3. Jamie, Eddie, and Nikki

Coming close second, we have Jamie and Eddie who, quote, “can be written off the show at this point”.

Fans seem to agree that this duo hasn’t been bringing anything to the table for quite some time now, and this is rather underwhelming.


Nikki’s storylines are also largely disliked, but she’s basically gone now anyway.

2. Frank and Grandpa

Starting here, it gets a bit trickier. While some fans claim to skip Frank Reagan’s bits, others love them and put him next to Danny on their list of favorites; the same goes for the Sunday dinners.

These scenes divide the audience into two parts as people either love them or hate them, but they’re still the third-most mentioned.

1. Danny

While the original author claimed to only enjoy Danny’s storylines in the first place, some of the commenters tuned in to talk about how bad those are.

Danny’s accused of being “the worst detective in any cop show”, bullying suspects, and assuming people are guilty as soon as he sees them — but most fans love him, despite that.

Frankly, we were surprised to encounter so many people that clearly dislike almost everything about the show and still keep watching it.

While the majority of fans are still in love with Blue Bloods, some are clearly not. Constructive criticism and discussions are the healthiest way to aid any development, but if you hate something so much…

Why even bother spending time on it, in the first place?