Big Brother 26: Premiere Date, Schedule, Host, & Everything We Know


Big Brother 26premieres this summer on CBS, and there are many details to know about the latest season of the reality competition series. Big Brother 26 follows in the footsteps of Big Brother 25, which was a milestone season that had so many twists and turns. From season 25 being the longest ever at 100 days to the surprise addition of Survivor legend Cirie Fields to the cast, who was secretly playing with her son, Jared Fields, Big Brother 25 was a roller coaster ride.

In addition, Big Brother 25 was a groundbreaking season. It featured the first-ever Sikh player, Jag Bains, and the first-ever deaf player, Matt Klotz. They eventually formed an alliance called the Minute Men, and dominated the game. Jag was crowned the Big Brother 25 winner, while Matt was the runner-up. In addition, Cameron Hardin was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest. As fans prepare to watch the Big Brother 26 houseguests’ every move 24/7, here’s what to know about the upcoming season.

Big Brother 26 News

At the end of the Big Brother 25 finale, host Julie Chen Moonves announced that the show had been renewed for season 26. Although not much is known about the season, including who’ll be cast as the houseguests, the show will most likely follow the same game format that it has for the past several years. It’s always exciting when beloved games such as the OTEV veto competition make their return to the game. It’ll also be thrilling to see whether the houseguests are new and/or returning cast members.

Big Brother 26 Premiere Date


According to a Big Brother Instagram post, Big Brother 26 will have a two-night premiere event on Wednesday, July 17 and Thursday, July 18. In the Instagram post, Big Brother’s resident insult robot Zingbot’s voice is heard saying, “Zingity Zingity Zing!,” and the dates July 17 and July 18 flash on the screen.

Julie then asks, “Did you see that? Big Brother is back this summer on CBS. And streaming on Paramount +.” The caption of the post reads, “Wait, did you see that? #BB26 is coming your way for a TWO NIGHT premiere on Wednesday July 17 and Thursday July 18! Mark your calendars for a whole new season of #BigBrother.”

Big Brother 26 Schedule

According to Us Weekly, when CBS announced its summer programming schedule, the network revealed that Big Brother 26 will air on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Thursday episodes have traditionally been live eviction episodes. A change to previous seasons’ schedules is the time the episodes will air. Big Brother 26 will air at 9 p.m. ET/PT on all three days, instead of airing at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Big Brother 26 Host

Julie Chen Moonves returns to host Big Brother 26. She has been hosting the show since it premiered in 2000. Julie hosts the live eviction episodes of the show, along with the premiere night and season finale episodes.

Big Brother 26 is sure to be another wild ride. Each year, the show outdoes itself with its cast members and competitions. No matter how the season plays out, one thing is always certain: fans who tune in for Big Brother 26 should always “expect the unexpected.”