Alicent’s Fourth Child Explained: Who Daeron Targaryen Is & Where He’s Been In House Of The Dragon


Otto Hightower finally mentions Alicent’s fourth child, Daeron Targaryen, in House of the Dragon season 2, who will play an important role in the war despite being entirely absent so far. For those who haven’t read George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood book, it may come as a huge shock that Alicent and Viserys have a fourth child, as House of the Dragon has only included her three eldest kids Aegon, Helaena, and Aemond so far. Daeron was even missing during season 1’s past timeline when the youngest Targaryen generation were still young kids, leading to plenty of theories that Daeron was cut from House of the Dragon altogether.

Before House of the Dragon season 2’s release, showrunner Ryan Condal confirmed that Daeron was still a character in the show, as he’s also included in HBO’s breakdown of the Targaryen family tree. Still, it’s curious as to why his parents and siblings never once mentioned him, especially after Viserys’ death in House of the Dragon season 1’s ending. Regardless, after being removed as Hand of the King, his grandfather Otto Hightower is now intent on going to Oldtown to oversee Daeron, setting up his long-awaited introduction in the Game of Thrones prequel show.
Daeron Targaryen Has Been In Oldtown For Several Years In House Of The Dragon

Daeron has been in the care of Lord Ormund Hightower

It’s unclear exactly when he was sent to Oldtown, but Daeron Targaryen has been at the seat of House Hightower since at least before the birth of Rhaenyra’s son Joffrey Velaryon. When House of the Dragon season 1’s timeline jumped 10 years from Rhaenyra’s wedding to the birth of her son Joffrey, the only children of Alicent and Viserys who were present at King’s Landing were Aegon, Helaena, and Aemond. With King Viserys I Targaryen’s two eldest sons already having places in King’s Landing, he sends his youngest to Oldtown to be a cupbearer and squire for Lord Hobert Hightower, Otto’s brother.

Doubtlessly a plan concocted by Ser Otto Hightower, Daeron’s upbringing in Oldtown kept Otto and Alicent’s hold over House Hightower despite not having a seat there. Daeron’s time there likely contributed to House of the Dragon’s characters in Oldtown being fiercer and more fervent supporters of Otto’s schemes, certainly guiding them to take charge when Otto and Alicent usurped the Iron Throne to make Aegon the King. Of course, it also helped that Daeron being raised in Oldtown meant the seat of House Hightower would be guarded by a dragon, as Daeron is bonded with the young dragon Tessarion.

It also helped that Daeron being raised in Oldtown meant the seat of House Hightower would be guarded by a dragon, as Daeron is bonded with the young dragon Tessarion.
It’s also possible that Viserys agreed to send Daeron to Oldtown due to the growing feuds between Alicent and Rhaenyra’s children. According to George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood book, Jacaerys and Daeron were born around the same time, and Viserys tried to avoid any enmity between them by having them share a wet nurse as “milk brothers.” As House of the Dragon reveals, this didn’t work, and the disdain between the younger Targaryen Greens and Blacks only grew worse. Still, it’ll be intriguing to see how these childhood resentments festered with Daeron now being away at Oldtown for several years.


Who Is Daeron Targaryen’s Dragon? Tessarion Explained

Daeron will fight on dragonback in the Dance of the Dragons

With the mention of Daeron Targaryen, House of the Dragon season 2 also subtly reveals the greater dragon power that Team Green possesses in the Dance of the Dragons. While Aegon and Aemond ride Sunfyre and Vhagar, Helaena isn’t expected to ride Dreamfyre at all in House of the Dragon, as she’s unable to in the book. However, Team Green still has Daeron’s dragon Tessarion in Oldtown to strengthen King Aegon’s forces in the Reach. Furthermore, Daeron is already a dragonrider when the Dance of the Dragon’s battles kick off, so he won’t have to train to command Tessarion.

Also known as the “Blue Queen,” Tessarion and Daeron bonded at some point before he left for Oldtown, but Fire & Blood suggests that he hadn’t actually learned to ride his dragon until leaving King’s Landing. As far as the book reveals, Daeron is the only known rider of this female dragon with blue wings and copper scales. It’s unclear which dragon laid the egg that Tesarion hatched from, though the egg was put in infant Daeron’s cradle. Of Team Green’s dragons in House of the Dragon that are of fighting capability, Tessarion is the youngest, further being described as only one-third the size of Vermithor, who will soon be claimed by the smith Hugh Hammer.

What Happens To Daeron Targaryen In The Dance Of The Dragons

Daeron Targaryen doesn’t have a triumphant ending in the war

Daeron becomes an important piece in Team Green’s war strategy throughout the Dance of the Dragons. When the battles truly begin in House of the Dragon, Daeron and Tessarion will be in the Reach marching with the Old town army and the neighboring houses who joined Team Green. A significant upcoming battle in House of the Dragon will be the Battle of the Honeywine, which culminates in Daeron being knighted and given the name “Daeron the Daring.” When Rhaenyra subsequently takes King’s Landing in House of the Dragon, Daeron is considered a huge threat to her rule given his skills as a warrior with Tessarion.

After Daeron burns Bitterbridge as revenge for Prince Maelor Targaryen’s death (the yet-unseen son of Helaena and Aegon), he soon gains the strength of Ulf White, Silverwing, Hugh Hammer, and Vermithor when they betray Queen Rhaenyra at the First Battle of Tumbleton. Following this, Aemond Targaryen dies in a duel with Daemon, making Daeron the heir of King Aegon. However, Daeron Targaryen is soon killed in a debated manner during the Second Battle of Tumbleton, leaving Aegon without a male heir. While Daeron will play a significant role during House of the Dragon’s later battles, he isn’t expected to be a fixture in the show’s near future.

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