Abby’s NCIS Return Just Became Closer To Reality Thanks To An Unexpected Pauley Perrette Update


Abby Sciuto’s return to NCIS may have just become more possible after a new update about Pauley Perrette. As part of the original ensemble, Perrette’s character was the Major Care Response Team’s forensic scientist for a decade and a half, primarily working under Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Known for her bubbly personality behind her edgy appearance, not to mention her obsession with Caf-POW, Abby was great at her job. So losing her was difficult for everyone on the team. Unlike many other former NCIS cast members, however, the prospect of bringing her back has always been trickier.

In terms of narrative, Abby’s decision to walk away from NCIS stemmed from a traumatic experience that put her life in danger and resulted in the death of MI6 Agent Clayton Reeves. After leaving the agency, she planned on running a charity on his behalf. Unfortunately, things were a lot different behind the scenes. In a series of social media posts, she claimed that she was threatened on the set and vowed to never return, saying that Mark Harmon terrified her. Six years since Abby left, it may be time for her to return to MCRT in NCIS season 22.

Pauley Perrette Recently Spent Time With Longtime NCIS Co-star Brian Dietzen

Abby And Jimmy Reunited

Considering the circumstances surrounding Perrette’s NCIS departure, there have been questions about her status with former co-stars. It does seem like she still gets along with them except for Harmon, who has yet to make an official statement regarding their issue, although it was reported that the issue was already addressed. Regardless, she is still a beloved cast member of the show, so it’s great to see her get together with longtime NCIS co-star Brian Dietzen, who plays Jimmy Palmer. Perrette shared the images of their adorable reunion as they watched Sarah McLachlan at the Hollywood Bowl.

This marks the first time that Perrette posted about spending time with a former NCIS co-star. She did, however, share throwback images of her with David McCallum and Sasha Alexander in light of the former’s death in 2023. Given this, it’s understandable that seeing Perrette and Dietzen together is a massive treat for old-time NCIS followers.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Bring Back Pauley Perrette To NCIS

The Current NCIS Landscape Paves The Way For Perrette’s Reprisal Of Abby

There isn’t a shortage of reasons to bring Abby back to NCIS. The agency could always use someone like her in its operation, although that is not to say that Kasie Hines isn’t effective as her successor. However, timing is a big factor in terms of Perette’s proposed return. While NCIS’ has always kept the door open for her return, her issues with Harmon have made it impossible for her to reprise the role. Now that Gibbs is retired in Alaska, and has no ties to MCRT anymore, Perrette won’t have to work with him if she decides to rejoin the CBS show.


From the looks of it, she has maintained a good relationship with Dietzen despite everything that went down during her exit from the series. Perette also hasn’t said anything against the remainder of her former NCIS co-stars aside from Harmon, which means that it shouldn’t be difficult for her to step back into the set, assuming that CBS comes up with a storyline that would draw her back to MCRT — regardless if it’s a temporary or permanent post.

How Perrette’s Abby Can Return To NCIS

Abby Can Return To MCRT Or A New NCIS Spinoff

As it is, there are a couple of clear ways to bring back Abby, not just to the main show but also to other projects within the evolving TV universe. Since Director Leon Vance is familiar with her work, MCRT can easily tap her to become the team’s additional forensic scientist. Depending on the circumstances, she and Hines can work together on a project. Perhaps NCIS is facing a bigger crisis than normal, prompting them to ask for her help. Otherwise, it’s also possible that it’s Abby who goes to her old team for some assistance regarding a personal case.

Beyond the main NCIS series, the franchise can also reunite her with Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo and Cote de Pablo’s Ziva via their upcoming NCIS: Tony And Ziva spinoff. Not much is known about the Paramount+ spinoff, but it will see the fan-favorite couple, with their daughter Tali, go on the run across Europe. Since Abby is still presumably in London, it wouldn’t be that difficult for them to meet up with her in case Tony and Ziva need her help — either that’s to rely on her forensic or babysitting capabilities for their tween.